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Tie Dye 60s Party Kit (Serves 8)

  • $ 1599

Kaleidoscopic is the best word to describe your entire lifestyle. Everyday you have a song in your head and you see everything in vivid, psychedelic colors. Some would describe you as a hippie and there's nothing wrong with that because you really are all about the peace and love.

When it comes to having a happening fiesta your hippie style is noticeable and people will want to emulate your decorations after they see the Tie Dye 60s Party Kit.

Eight guests including yourself get to be mesmerized by the far out colors that are seen on the 8 tie dye cake plates, 16 tie dye party beverage napkins, 8 tie dye party cups, and a set of 8 each bright blue spoons, forks, and knives.

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